BREAK IN SERVICE an interruption of continuous State service. An employee experiences a break in State service when the employee (1) separates from State service and is paid for unused annual leave; (2) moves from one State agency to another and is not employed by the receiving agency within 15 calendar days following the last day worked (or approved day of leave at the transferring agency); (3) remains on leave for a period of more than one calendar year; (4) separates from State service as a result of a reduction in force and is not recalled to the original position or reinstated with State government within 12 months of the effective date of the separation; (5) involuntarily separates from State service and the agency’s decision is upheld by the State Employee Grievance Committee or by the courts; or (6) moves from a full-time equivalent (FTE) position to a temporary, temporary grant, or time-limited position.

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