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Potential Rater Errors

Contrast effect - evaluating an employee in relation to other employees' performances rather than on the job requirements.

Halo effect - allowing employees' success or failure on one job function to affect how you rate their performance on other functions

Similar-to-me effect - favorably evaluating employees because they mirror the rater's self image.

First impression effect - allowing initial evaluations of employees to overshadow their actual performance.

Central tendency effect - placing every employee's performance "safely" in the middle of the rating scale.

Negative/positive leniency effect - assigning extremely low or high ratings across the evaluation form.

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On the left side of the screen are potential rater errors.  Have you practiced any of the evaluation concerns?

Use the box below to make a note of any that you have practiced before.  Use this list as a reminder the  next time you complete an evaluation document.  If you would like to print your list, click "File" located in the upper left corner of the screen and then click "Print."