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Case Study

Complete a performance appraisal document for Joe, the Procurement Specialist, using the following job functions and objectives:

  • 1) Pick up mail at the main post office (35%).  Success criteria - Mail is picked up by 9 AM everyday.  Mail is sorted and delivered to the appropriate office by noon on a daily basis.

  • 2) Keeps a current inventory listing of all department supplies (25%).  Success criteria - Inventory is kept current updating inventory list on the computer by the first day of each month.

  • 3) Delivers supplies to requesting divisions (25%).  Success criteria - Reviews supply requests on a daily basis.  Delivers requested supplies within two days of the request.

  • Objective - Attends a computer training class in Excel (15%).  Success criteria - training class is completed.  All inventory information is accurately keyed into an Excel spreadsheet.