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(State Agency fraud only)


The General Assembly finds that harmonious relations between public employers
and public employees are a necessary and most important factor in the effective
and efficient operation of government, and that a proper forum for the
understanding and resolution of employee grievances will contribute to the
establishment and maintenance of harmony, good faith, and the quality of public
service. The General Assembly also recognizes that the most effective and cost
efficient means of resolving grievances occurs at the lowest level, and state
agencies are encouraged to use methods of alternative dispute resolution to
avoid a grievance hearing and further litigation. It is for the protection and
in the interests of both the employee and the agency via a neutral method of
dispute resolution and fair administrative review that the "State Employee
Grievance Procedure Act", is enacted.

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process whereby a mediator who is an impartial third party acts to encourage and facilitate the resolution of a dispute without prescribing what it should be. The process is informal and nonadversarial with the objective of helping the disputing parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement. The Human Resources Division (Alternative Dispute Resolution Program) sponsors training in mediation theory and skills for those individuals who may serve as mediators or for those who might be involved in using mediation skills in their jobs.

Statewide Mediators Pool
The Statewide Mediators Pool was established as a resource for state agencies
seeking third party neutrals to assist in resolving employment disputes at an
early stage. Registered mediators with the Statewide Mediators Pool are
individuals from various state agencies who have been nominated by their agency
directors; have a background in human resources; complete a course in mediation
theory and skills; and agree to attend yearly training to enhance their
mediation skills.

  • Statewide Mediators Pool Flowchart 

  • Statewide Mediators Pool Request Form 

  • Mediation in the State Appeal Process
    Mediation is required for all appeals that have been determined by the State
    Human Resources Director to have met jurisdictional requirements. The State
    Human Resources Director assigns a qualified mediator to facilitate resolution
    of the appeal prior to being heard by either the State Employee Grievance
    Committee or the Arbitrator depending on the issue.