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(State Agency fraud only)


The Agency Head Salary Commission was created by the General Assembly in 1984. One of the primary reasons for creating the Commission was for the purpose of recommending agency head pay based on performance. Pursuant to that purpose, the Commission established and continues to administer the agency head performance process. The Commission also established and maintains salary ranges for each agency head position covered by the Agency Head Salary Commission. A job analyses is conducted every three to four years to ensure the salary ranges are in line with the market for comparable positions.

The Commission reviews all requests to hire agency heads above the minimum of their salary ranges. In addition, they are also responsible for recommending salary increases for agency heads. Requests for dual employment for agency heads are also reviewed by this Commission.

The Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee both appoint four (4) members to the Commission. The Governor appoints three (3) members bringing the total number of Commission members to eleven (11).

Governing magazine acknowledged The Commission's role in the evaluation of agency head performance in their February, 2001 issue of Grading The States where the State of South Carolina received an A grade in Human Resources. The Office of Human Resources provides staff support to the Agency Head Salary Commission.

  • Agency Head Planning and Evaluation Form Online

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