Your Appeal in the Mediation-Arbitration Process
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Sam Wilkins, Director
South Carolina Office
of Human Resources
8301 Parklane Road
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Columbia, SC 29223
Phone: (803) 896-5300


(State Agency fraud only)


The State Human Resources Director conducts a review of the appeal after
assembling all records, reports, and documentation of the earlier proceedings
on the grievance. The State Human Resources Director would then determine
whether or not the appeal has met jurisdictional requirements. Appeals that
have met jurisdictional requirements for the following adverse employment
actions: lack of promotional consideration, punitive reclassifications,
suspensions for ten days or less, and involuntary reassignments, would be
forwarded to a Mediator-Arbitrator. Mediation will occur prior to an
arbitration conference. Since this is merely a summary of the process, please
refer to the Grievance and Appeal Regulations Adobe Acrobat and the State Employee Grievance Procedure Act.

Documents for the Mediation-Arbitration Track

  • Mediation-Arbitration Process Flowchart 

  • Issues Statement Form 

  • Affidavit